Employees are Companies’ greatest assets and often not considered at their right value. We believe that care, coaching, attention and development of workforces is magnifying Organisation’s potential.

  • Ensure having the right people at the right position, assessing job fit:
    • Job Description pertinence
    • Skills and experience 
    • Employees’ need, attitude and engagement
    • Work environment
    • Recruitment support
    • Candidates' appraisal
  • All levels of management Coaching & Mentoring:
    • Discover, source, develop and retain talents
    • Develop Teams exploring options and aspirations
    • Challenge assumptions and analyse new ways of thinking
    • Develop Emotional Intelligence
    • Executive and Life Coaching
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Team Leadership
    • Employee Training
    • Employee engagement 
    • People Management
    • Continues Improvement and Change management

Continuing Airworthiness Organisation (EASA Part M)

Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (EASA Part 145):


If you intend to build your own Part M and/or Part 145 organisation, if you are experimenting challenges with your existing one or if you look to partly or fully outsource it, our expertise comprises and is not limited to:

  • Maintenance Information Systems & ERPs
    • Gather and structure Business Requirements
    • Evaluate suitable solutions and support implementation
    • Support Data migration
    • Develop Competence Centres and Key Users structures for the administration and further development of the applications
  • Selection & Implementation of Digital solutions such as
    • Resource and Capacity planning
    • Process Management
    • Document Management System
    • Archiving
    • EFB
    • Dashboards/Analytics
  • Continuous Improvement
    • KAIZEN, LEAN, Six Sigma and 5S
  • Executives, Post holders and Managers
    • Assessment of existing holders
    • Coaching & Mentoring on punctual or longer period
    • Review Business Matrix and assess, enhance or develop adapted KPIs dashboards
  • Review or writing of documents such as
    • CAME
    • MOE
    • MCM
    • OMM
  • Part M & Part 145 (or equivalent if not EASA approved)
    • Complete Engineering & CAMO functions and processes
    • Complete Base Maintenance, Line Maintenance, Outstations, Workshops, MCC, Workshops functions and processes
    • Capability development and approval process

Quality, Safety & Compliance:

Cornerstone of our industry, allowing no compromises.

Why not get an external point of view before audit or looking for advises on how to close highlighted gaps in your Organisation?


  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control in Maintenance, Continuing Airworthiness & Operations
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Auditing techniques (including Training)
  • Safety Management System
  • International Project Management
  • Quality and Compliance Teaching & Mentoring
  • International Auditing of Vendors, Suppliers, Service Providers and Sub-Contractors
  • Outsourcing of audit activities (Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors, Lease Companies...)
  • Quality & Safety Audits
  • Aircraft inspection / Airworthiness review

Part 21 & Part 147

Supply Chain Management & Flight Ops:

Upon detailed request from your side, we will be able to support you fully or partnering with one (or more) of our affiliates.

The advantage for your Organisation is to deal with a single entity that will centralise your requests and deliver solutions.

Analysis & Valuation of Business models:

Together with our affiliates, we propose maximising your organisation effectiveness conducting market, schedule, network and fleet studies . We can as well assist you sourcing aircraft or launching your own Operation.

Contract Preparation & Negotiation:

If you believe that your organisation requires additional negotiating skills, or if you are willing to get an external and neutral point of view to get the best value for your business, we provide consultants with a strong experience in negotiation with buyers, suppliers and service providers.

We can as well review your contracts and look for optimisation and synergies by renegotiation or consolidation.